07 December 2007

Headline: Is it a calculated way to destroy the Scanian identity behind Stockholm and the Swedish politic to do nothing about the massimmigration towards Scania?

In a few articles I have scratched on the surface about the massimmigration-problem, economically and criminality. I have pointed out the regional unbalance both in EU and Sweden, where Sweden has transferred the far-away in Europe situated Scania to target of massimmigration to Europe, but will do nothing about it despite local Scanian politicians demand. Why is it so? In the much younger state Canada, we might get a clue, where the British-leading government has been acting to have the most immigrants in the… French areas…having what effect for the strength and ability to keep the French identity and culture in these areas in long term and when the french polulation no longer is in majority…?! So tell me, is it a coincidence for Scania that Sweden and Stockholm act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.