09 July 2008

The bankrobberies in Scania continues during summer in Malmö and Helsingborg, the largest Scanian cities. In the mass immigration plauged Landskrona all the robberies during the latest years, have forced banks to close all sorts of dealing with cash making a bad situation not at least for many elderly. At the same time many youngsters are feared for there situation when going out in the Scanian cities and not even a forth of the crimes are reported to the police, showing a total collapse of the faith in the legal system, new results show among the youngsters. Many of the 2nd generation of immigrants where knifes in Scania as a result of smugglings of weapons with themselves arriving or from others mostly immigrants from Iraq and ex-Yugoslavia. This makes a situation with gangcriminality, with gangs mostly with immigrant-background being able to take a terror-controlled role in the mass immgration plauged cities of Scania nightly, making a fear and insecurity for all people in the cities.

This Scania was spared a lot from 25 years ago, before Sweden forced the mass immgration upon the people of Scania. What should be the result out of this situation, where youngsters of the mass immgration controll the cities by the gangs in some terrorlike situation equipped with knifes, against defenseless swedish and scanian youngsters in Scania? In USA they have the race-situation not properly solved but somehow balanced tried with a very strict segregation, a rough and large policecore, long penalties and with a free situation with a lot of weapons for all making a hard but somehow equalising situation.

The current situation in Scania cannot go on, we all should agree. But are an increase of weapons to swedes and scanian youngsters and weaponeducation to this group in young years really the way to go? There should be an obvious answer to stop an increase of this kind of criminality:
End the mass immigration against Scania. We cannot take any more. The scanian situation is way out of controll. So what do Sweden and Stockholm to end there madness politic for the latest 25 years which has forced a devestating mass immgration against Scania?

Sweden and Stockholm act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised? Leaving only one way for Scania to go, a rapid way out of Sweden !

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.