08 January 2009

In the start of 2008 I put focus in 5 issues to follow up extra during 2008 among all issues that Sweden and Stockholm act against Scania, issues important enough to force Scania to rapidly move out of Sweden.

Not much positive has occured in reality. A lot of empty talk from the swedish government. But it is now a generation, 2 decades, since the bridge descision between Malmö and Copnhagen, and yet all of those many thousands of people living in Scania and working in Denmark, they all loose in social security and wellfare, when they travel across Öresund away from the high swedish unemployment to work in Denmark.

2. THE STOP OF MASS IMMIGRATION, the far most important issus for Scania, to end the mass immigration to Scania. What the worst massmurderer in the Scanian history, the swedish king Charles XI, failed with, for him a planned and wanted mass immigration to Scania is now happening in fast and huge scale, scened and supported by todays anti-scanian swedes. 2008 was yet another year of none-action to stop the mass immigration to Scania, with new record levels driven up by the number of relatives to the immigrants. To stop the devestating mass immigration to Scania, the media and politicians of Stockholm and Sweden acted nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

3. The security issue. In Scanian inside-water between Bornholm and Skåne, the Russians planned to take there gas-pipeline from Russia to Germany. This is now replanned at the moment, thank god, and planned southeast of Bornholm, but ofcourse very close and still far to close to Bornholm. No descision has been taken but the swedish government take no security issue into concern the weak swedish primeminister Reinfeldt has clerly declared and promised Germany and Russia...

4. The anti-scanianess issue. 2008, 350 years since the treaty in Roskilde, when Scania was forced into Sweden after more than 30 wars and several hundreads of years of incredible and brutal attacks from Sweden against one of the core regions in Denmark, Scania. Has the brutallity and wars and slaughter of unarmed Scanians from the Swedish army, has they somehow been presented and informed for the Scanian people from the media of Sweden? No, still the silence of the truth for the Scanian people from Sweden, still no apologies, still the lying version of the Scanian history and so on... Here Sweden yet again shows the true face of a non-democracy where the free press is not working as it should.

5. The environmental issues. Not only to stop the Hallandsås-disaster and the russian gas-pipeline, but to stop American Shells plans to scan a forth of all Skåne for gasmining, a potential environmental disaster to come and in the nicest and most unique environments and land used for recreation, tourism and of happiness for Scanians and others from all over northern Europe. And the one single man (Bergstaten)in Sweden to give Shell ok to destroy the environment of Scania did so, in december the first Shell sampletest took place. The Hallandsås disaster continued and for all that money for this crazy tunnel project, Scania could have got a free bridge in between Helsingborg and Helsingör, the natural port between Denmark and Scania, between Europe with Denmark and rest of Scandiavia.

Yet another year, 2008, in these critical issues Sweden and Stockholm has acted nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised? Leaving only one way for Scania to go, a rapid way out of Sweden !

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.