27 January 2008

Headline: 350 years ago since Roskilde and Sweden is right now 2008, after 350 years still without dealing with the brutal past. The anti-Scanian(s) Sweden still move on and still showing no respect for all dead and murdered Scanians.

2008 has started and it is a year with old and new challenges for Scania:

4. The anti-scanianess issue. 2008, 350 years since the treaty in Roskilde, when Scania was forced into Sweden after more than 30 wars and several hundreads of years of attacks from Sweden against one of the core regions in Denmark, Scania. This was the start of the darkest and most brutal part in the Scanian history when hugh and unnumbered masses of Scanians were to be slaughtered of the swedish conquerors, murdered and tortured with a brutalitity we have hard to even imagine and that every man of today should be ashamed of and deeply regret.

But instead of apologies and to show respect of all murdered Scanians and distance themselves from the very brutality and cruel process of forswedishness of Scania, the swedes of today continue to connect themselves to this brutal history and process of forswedishness / anti-scanianess: the old Scanian language is not ackknowledged as a language, on the 500kr-paper the worst massmurderer in the Scanian history, swedish king Charles XI, is honored, the swedish national day choosen to honor the swedish king Gustav I another brutal anemy and murderer of Scanians, the true Scanian history is still held hidden and instead the swedish history is taught in the Scanian schools and so on and so on.

And all around Scania monuments to honor and celebrate those swedish massmurders are placed, for instance Charles XI and in the central squares of the two main cities of Scania, two of the swedish massmurderes are celebrated and honored with large statues (Stenbock, Charles X). And even here the anti-scanian swedes are fighting to preserve and defend those monuments honoroing celebrating swedish massmurderers, and of murdered Scanians in Scania.

They use all kind of bullshit-argumental technichs of everything irrelevant to defend there symbols. For them the honoring statue of massmurder Stenbock is peaceful for he is sinking his sword, like honoroing statue of massmurder Karl X is peaceful cause someone thought so and so on and so on. Just avoid there pure bullshit-technic. For them an honoring statue of massmurder Hitler in Aushwitz would be peaceful cause Hitler is sinking his arm, like a honoring statue of massmurder Stalin in Gulag would be cause someone thought so, and so on and so on, at least it would be if it was Scanians that was murdered.

Those monuments are nothing but honoring and celebrating massmurderers. For me it is ridicolous and a shame of disrespect of lives to defend any monuments celebrating and honoring massmurders, anywhere. But not for all those swedes, as anti-scanian everything, they repeatedly defend those monuments celebrating and honoring swedish massmurderers of murdered Scanians... placed in Scania, apparently good swedish representatives and symbols in Scania they feel in the 21st century.

But all those anti-scanian(s) swedes, from right to left part of the same swedish "massmurderhonoring-family" of Scanians, here cross a line never to be accepted among Scanians. Those swedes disrespect and arroganse of all murdered and dead Scanians, only line-up for hate among Scanians adding up to all other reasons, the total break between Scania and Sweden along a very very dangerous path of disrespect and hate.

These issues is not for compromize, either one show respect for lives or not, for all murdererd Scanians or not, for removing those massmurderhonoring monuments in Scania or not. And out of a statement from Sören Krarup, Danish Folkeparti, polls were held if it is time for Scania to become part of Denmark again. Out of the result and many thousands of votes in Scania, a majority wanted to leave Sweden.

So for Sweden to continue with defending and connect themselves to this brutal history and process of 350 years of anti-scanianess and hiding the truth will only result in an increased track for Scania to Denmark and along a path where Scanians will show back the hate all the anti-scanian(s) swedes still today want to preserve and increase. A true sample of that hate never ends by hiding the issues, just brought down by dealing with them. And todays anti-scanian swedes refuse to end the massimmigration to Scania, a massimmigration scened and supported by them and what the worst massmurderer in the Scanian history, swedish king Charles XI planned and wanted but failed with, now happening in maximum speed and with no ending against Scania.

So when will Sweden act to deal with the brutal past and end the 350 years of anti-scanianess with disrespect and arroganse of all Scanian(s), including all those dead and murdered Scanians, the terror of the truth and the path of preserved and increased hate between Scania and Sweden? Sweden and Stockholm act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.