03 February 2008

Headline:The Hallandsås-madness, Russian gaspipe-line and american Shells gasmining-plans and environmental-disaster of Scania in the hands of an one-man-investigator in Sweden... End all environmental madness of Scania NOW!

2008 has started and it is a year with old and new challenges for Scania:

5. The environmental issues. Not only to stop the Hallandsås-disaster and the russian gas-pipeline, but to stop American Shells plans to scan a forth of all Skåne for gasmining, a potential environmental disaster to come and in the nicest and most unique environments and land used for recreation, tourism and of happiness for Scanians and others from all over northern Europe. Something that can be reality if Bergstaten of Sweden accept in a few month, yes the power is in hand of one-man in Sweden for potential destroyment of the unique Scanian environment and land... and when will that change so Scania can say no by themselves, immediately. And what are Stockholm and Sweden doing to change and end this madness? Sweden and Stockholm act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.