17 February 2008

Headline: Islam and SVT = Stockholm left flower-power state television and radio journalists playhood continue its common crusade AGAINST the freedom of speach and art in our western society.

The brutal terrorattacks and war against USA at the 11th of September 2001 when thousands of innocent people at work were murdered by Islamists was not the start neither the end of the attacks on the western society from the muslims. A fast looking back in memory give us the reminder of the repeatedly islamistic terror-attacks, for instance the Municholympic-tragedy-72, the Lockerbie-disaster in the 80's, the Tel-aviv terror attacks in the 90's, over the terrorattack in London in 00's for instance, all where many totally innocent people murdered by islamists.

The islamists / muslims have not only murdered innocent people with terror-attacks around the world, they attack the right of the free speach word in the western society too. We have murders and murderthreats against people who dare to question Islam and its symbols, murderthreats to Salman Rushdie and murder of the publisher of his book, of Theo van Gogh in Holland and here in Scania, the famous and appreciated artist Lars Vilks are threatened to death by muslims for making Muhammed as a rondell-dog, this week with new threats and the discover of drawings of Lars Vilks village and Islamists plans to murder him.

In Denmark the publications of a few drawings of Muhammed were used to burn danish embassies and flags all around the Islamic world two years ago. New muslim plans of murdering one of the drawers, Kurt Westergaard, were stopped in the last minute. This time all the danish press choosed to re-publish the drawing, for support of the free-speach word. Despite some new attacks from muslims in and outside Denmark, the danish primeminister Fogh-Rasmussen(venstre) don't hesitate to stand up for and clearly defend against all attacks on the western society right and freedom of "think, speak and art".

No swedish newspaper stood up and printed the Westergaard-drawing, only the Scanian left-liberal paper Sydsvenskan, a paper usually not known as a freedom-fighter, dared to print by a descision of chiefeditor Melin to defend the basic values of our western society. And what was the response from SVT = Stockholm left flower-power television? Hard personal attacks and pressure from the left-journalists of Stockholm, brought Melin to a heartattack and the death of the chiefeditor of the largest Scanian morningpaper. That was his reward for standing up for the free-speach-word, not only silence but furious attacks from the left-journalists of Stockholm and Sweden. He was apparently no longer a mediacolleague worth anything, when he stood up for the basic freedom values of our society... far away from the values of propaganda and lies by the left-journalists of Stockholm and Sweden, showing no regrets for taking Melins life.

So hand in hand they go, SVT and Islam in there common fight against the truth and the right of the free speach word and art. In line with the flower-power left journalists of Stockholm and Sweden will, to continue with the lies and propaganda for the hugh disastress massimmigration of muslims during the last decades and the support of an Islamic-adjusted society.

And what's the reaction from the government? Well, the educational minister Leijonborg(fp) came with the proposal that Swedens and Scanias taxpayers should pay for an Imam-education in Sweden. He thought that an education in Sweden of some Imams would make a difference to Islams over a billion muslims and more than thousand year of history... can we see the same pattern of naivity from politicians of Stockholm and Sweden that had caused the disastress massimmigration of muslims to Sweden and primarily Scania?

And the other media and politicians, Reinfeldt(m) and Sahlin(s) etc etc, how have they acted to defend the Scanian artist Lars Vilks and his freedom of art, now threatened to death for his artwork?
Sweden and Stockholm act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.