24 February 2008

There are some glimts of hope of awakeness in the swedish government. An awareness of the need to limit the massimmigration of relatives, Carlgren (c) returned the request from the russian pipeline-company the other week without taking any notice, "länsstyrelsen" recommended "Bergstaten" to say no regarding Shells huge gasmining-plans to destroy Scanias environment. They start to awake in some issues, yet we must see those intensions go to final results in these areas. In the massimmigration-issue there is no timespace, the time rapidly work against Scania, and it has done so for 25 years now, so there is no room for delays taking action and limit the massimmigration. A hugh mistake was to let lawmen take over the immigrationprocess before tighten up the rules, making a raise in massimmigration from 13 % to 64 % to stay in last 2 years. End this madness of lawmen-empire now. In some other areas the government still needs to awake. They cut down the customs instead of increasing and focus against people-smugglers, to limit islam, an ideology with no respect for the free word or art, instead of making it grow in Scania and Sweden by imam-education and so on, with the same naivity that had been part of the massimmigration-politic. For the center-right government they have listened to much and to long to the directors of the large-scale private companies with there naive wishes of hugh massimmigration to get cheap workers, but instead Sweden has end up with a result of the massimmigration with huge costs and a criminality in our society beyond all the wost of expectations.

For the parties on the left, socialists and communists, the calculation of making problem-areas with the massimmigration and making a lot of people into a life of dependency of the society, and therefore voters of the left, had fallen well out, with the highest percentage of voters for the socialists in the last election from the massimmigration-area of Rosengården in the Scanian city of Malmö. But the lefts calculation might be hard to follow up in the long term, even if they still seem to be in hugh lead in the polls. Why that? Well, if the people are properly informed, how could a massimmigration with a hugh number of muslims and with that a Islamic-adjusted society, taking the women to a level of nothing to say or do, and combine all those voters with all there red-socks feministic voters. In the society of Sweden and Scania with high percentage of muslims, already today where girls are put down from balconies not marrying the proper boys. And adjustment to Islam where the age of marriage for a man taking a girl at the age of 9 years, the men having 4 wives, the women are stoned when they are raped and so on, so how will the left combine those two mainstream group of there voters? And the lefts other voters, the workers, who are less net-paid by the left with there huge taxes and the retired workers who are robbed financially and physically as a result of the massimmigration-polic? No, the left have no bright future to come if they are properly verbally attacked by the center-right and if the center-right will make any result and end the massimmigration.

Yet we have not seen the result of reduction from a politic of massimmigration or intensions to take the battle with Islam, the greatest sinners to blame for this are the left media-empire, and here is yet no action by the government to reduce there left-media power either. And all this could have been prevented by listening to the leader of the Scanian Party, Herslow, back in the 80's, but instead the politicians and media of Sweden refused to listen but act back then to stop the Scanian Party and the result is devistated for Sweden and primarily for Scania. And among all the swedish parties in the parlament there had been a way of looking at the massimmigration as a primarily a Scanian problem, in a way like the british politicians did to hugh immigration in the french areas of Canada, since the immigrants reach Scania first and here they stay. The centralistic and Stockholm-fixed way of looking for delaying and reducing the strength in the development of the Öresund-region, with no harminisation of rules between Scania and Denmark for Scanian workers in Denmark, is yet one of this center-right-government black holes. This is pure anti-scaniananess, an anti-scaniananess that has been a part of the swedish none-action to end the massimmigration for 25 long years. While the Scanian Party warned and demand stop already 25 years ago, Sweden and Stockholm has yet act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.