30 March 2008

The University of Lund, which was grounded for the forswedishness of Scania, are still today acting and doing "Putins", to discredit all the murdered Scanians fight for freedom during the brutal swedish terror in Scania that followed the swedish take over of Scania, a Scania that then had been pained by several hundreads of years of swedish wars and attacks against Scania and the Scanians.

But they, Harald Gustafsson (prof.) and his wannabee-fanclub at the university of Lund, must then ofcourse not take notice of all the facts of the terror and swedish outspokeness at the time, both royal and in administration, that the swedes wanted the Scanians to loose there identity and connection to Denmark and to have a massimmigration for a new population to take over Scania.

They could ofcourse seen to historical facts and compared with today, for instance to make the connection what the swedes wanted back then but failed with, though the nobles and priests were replaced, a massimmigration, that instead now is happening in hugh scale and with no ending against Scania. No, instead the historicals of Lund are trying to refuse facts and rather produce myths to please the swedes and the system paying their salaries, no doubt to put history to the "Kvasi-area".

In an interview at the radio, this upswede Harald Gustafsson-wannabee, one of those Kvasi-historicals who has the myths as their leading star, try to be funny and relate to Scanias importance of Sweden´s national team. He referred to the last electioncampaign in Denmark, one of the danish communist-parties-campaign "We have no Zlatan Ibrahimovic" to support a massimmgration of claimed gain for the countryside-hold. A myth they produced and ofcourse are helped by the leftjournalist-core of Sweden, they happily spread this myth and a myth that this upswede Kvasi-historical Harald Gustafsson-wannabeen joined to spead. Nothing strange with that, the leftjournalist-core and the Kvasihistoricals have the myth in common, to produce farrytales of the "newswedes" and hide or try to take focus away from the truth among the disastress massimmigration against Scania with all it's hugh costs and criminality that had followed for instance.

So since it is football-start of the swedish league today, let's look into this myth. We go back in time, long before the massimmigration and look at Scanian-borned players from a single Scanian club, Helsingborgs IF, HIF, and these Scanian players importance of the swedish national team. And remember, now we see to facts:

* Take Sigge Lindberg, the HIF-goalkeeper and considered the most important player when Sweden took its first international medal, the Bronze-medal in the Olympics of Paris 1924. He was ranked the world´s best goalkeeper beside Zamora at the time and was the first player to reach 50 games for the swedish national-squad.

* Take HIF's Knut Kroon, the legendary wing who scored Sweden's first worldcup-qualifing goal ever.

* Take HIF's Kalle Svensson, "Göinge-pågen" (from the North-east of Scania) who became the most successful international player ever in the history of all the Nordic countries, the only Nordic player ever with double Worldcup-medals and an Olympic medal along with that.

* Take the era in between the world-wars when HIF had 7 players in the same game in the swedish national team.

And so on and so on.

As you see by facts, the Scanian players of one single Scanian club, played the most important role in periods of the national team of Sweden, and at time dominated the swedish national team, long before the massimmigration.

So let's study the importance of Zlatan for the swedish national team. Has he been part of any international medals for Sweden? No. And as a forward with the obligation of making goals, he has not scored one single lousy goal in the national team since 2005, now we are taking 2008...

So the facts speak for themselves, the Scanians very importance on the swedish national team are traced back to periods long before the massimmigration, and the Zlatan-myth with hardly any (good) impact of the national swedish team.

But the swedes or the forswedish ones can ofcourse not see to facts, whether it's the left- and liberal journalists of Stockholm and Sweden or Kvasihistoricals in the University of Lund, they have to produce or spread and make Scanians believe in myths, either it is to try to justify the disastress massimmigration for Scania nowadays, or the brutal historical terror of Scania in the past or whatever.

And what does Stockholm and Sweden do to start telling the truth to the people and see to facts and to deal with one of the most lying myths, that Scania benefit of being part of Sweden? Sweden act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised?

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.