21 October 2008

New robberies in the Scanian mass immigration plauged cities due to the swedish immigration, last days in Malmö and Christianstad. At the same time the swedish government will increase the devestating mass immigration for Scania with a new law open up for more immigrants (see reacent blogs).

What is the political alternatives for people in Scania to choose a critical party to this swedish mass immigration politic forced upon Scania? None in the swedish parlament, who is surprised? In Scania the Sweden democrats (sd) and the Scanian Party (skåp) will reduce the immigration to the level of surroundable areas. It is of course the long time solution but in present situation a total stop for (outside EU-immigration) Scania should be the case. Both parties however seem to put focus in other issues at the moment.

The Scanian Party has widened the ability to spread there message through there Internet-radio all day and night (www.scania.org -> Internet-radio) finally seriously attacking the left journalist monopoly in Sweden using the powerful Internet media. With this the Scanian Party should not be counted out, there messages will now be spread into a lot more people in Scania.

Despite this break-through for the Scanian Party in there claimed main issue, there solution to get rid of the left and liberal mediaempire of lies and silence and glorifying of the swedish mass immigration, is to let free communities send in the swedish television cablenet instead of todays situation, an playempire for some left journalists in Stockholm. But is this still the only way to go?

Why don't think new with the technolgy revolution? With Internet wee have the first free media outside the journalists power, why don't widened the attack by suggest PPV for swedish television channels and take the money the people pay for TV-license to free Internet media-apparates to the people. And why don't attack the left University world who makes the brain wash and acceptance of hardly noone except communists to become journalists, this must be put on focus and so on.

No the big problem is the acceptance and supportance from media and society and the other policial parties in the tolerance for violent groups on the left to physically, financially and mentallty attack and crush people who hold public or private meetings or write blogs at Internet, critiscing the devestating swedish mass immigration. Last week one of the Sweden democrats meeting in Malmö was once again disturbed and abrupted by left-fascists, the society and police making to few efforts to support the freedom of speach.

The Sweden democrats and Scanian Party who make the criticism in this main issue against the devestating swedish mass immigration politic for Scania are worth all our respect in this issue in this swedish environment and society who accept and support violence and threats against the members of these parties. All honour to these members, but who think Sweden and Stockholm will change the society in this issue, with the left and liberal ruling society allowing this violence to happen the last decades?

Sweden and Stockholm will act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised? Leaving only one way for Scania to go, a rapid way out of Sweden !

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.