10 October 2008

The problem continues with rough criminality in the Scanian mass immigration plauged cities due to the swedish immigration, murders in Malmö and Helsingborg, new fires in Eslöv and Ystad and yesterday another bankrobbery in Landskrona, for what time the last years you can hardly count. Malmö and Landskrona, the two most plauged mass immigration Scanian cities but the problems of the swedish mass immigration politic has spared no Scanian city.

And for financing the swedish mass immigration which has damaged Scania hardest, the swedish government has downmounted the protection and wellfare-system for there own swedes.

We now see the global finance crises risk to take away many individuals savings including retirement moneys. And for the money in the government retired system? The high fees/taxes who the companies had payed for each workers during all these years, where are all this money today? Now retired borned at the 1940's they often complains that they have too little money from the retirement system. Many times the SVT (Swedish Television equals Stockholm Vänster=Left Television) shoot out that the money in the retirement system will not last or be so high because of that there are so many from the 1940's that has retired and there are too few in the working age to pay. But where has all the money gone that the company has payed for?

For in that case the retired borned at the 1920's should have had a hugh retirement when all those from the 1940's worked, and they have definitely had not. So where have all the money gone?

Read the answer in the hugh amount of costs for the swedish devestating mass immigration politic from all the swedish and Stockholm based parties and medias.

And we now see new hugh problems for the swedish workers in the industry with rapidly increased unemployment. And what are the swedish government action? To open up for more immigrants, so called workers from people outside EU? Who should hire those? This seems primarily to be a law for increasing the mass immigration and for pizza bakeries from ex-Yugoslavia to bring friends and relatives outside EU into the country.

Who think the devestating swedish mass immigration politic for Scania will change and media and current political parties will take action in reality for bringing down the swedish mass immigration another decade to come, when the swedish power will belong to the mass immigration celebrating friends of Sahlin(s) and Wetterstrand(mp)?

Sweden and Stockholm will act nothing, nothing as always. Who is surprised? Leaving only one way for Scania to go, a rapid way out of Sweden !

Vimm e...? Nårra unnrar åmm vi i Skåneland klarar våss ena? Ja sär,

Nåkk e nåkk, få väkk våss i Skåneland frå Svarrje å di fjöreda i Stockholm.